• We accept all major credit cards
  • $25.00 deposit required on all equipment reservations – non-refundable for cancellations
  • $100.00 deposit required on all truck rentals – non-refundable for cancellations
  • ½ down required for all party reservations – non-refundable for cancellations
  • Must have driver’s license or picture ID for all rentals
  • Current insurance card required on all truck rentals
  • Rates are based on time out, NOT time used
  • Daily rates are based on 8 hours for a 24 hour period
  • Metered items:
    8 hours for a 24 hour rental
    40 hours for a weekly (7 day) rental
    4 hour overnight is 4 hours on the meter
  • You must call if you would like to keep an item past it’s due time for approval
  • Your credit card will be charged once you are passed your due time
  • No after hour pick-ups or drop-offs (exception: moving truck drop offs)
  • All items must be cleaned or a cleaning charge will apply (including party items)
  • Fuel tanks must be FULL on return or fuel charge will apply
  • Your tow vehicle must have working light hook ups and/or brake hook ups
  • Balls, receivers and light adapters are available for an additional rental fee


9% of the total rental will be added to cover repair cost of items damaged while in customer possession, due to circumstances beyond customers control. NOTE: Damage waiver is NOT insurance. It does not cover abuse, misuse or theft of Delano Rental Property. Damage waiver will be applied to rentals unless a certificate of insurance is issued by your company, naming Delano Rental, Inc. as covered by your company policy. This policy needs to cover, loss, theft or destruction of any rental equipment owned by Delano Rental, Inc in your possession. Coverage must be in sufficient amount to fully cover items rented from Delano Rental, Inc. Certificate must be in possession of Delano Rental, Inc. prior to rental.


We offer delivery and pick-up on a minimum of an 8 hour rental. Rates are based on size of delivery/pick-up and delivery/pick-up location.


These taxes apply to all rentals. Tax exempt organizations must provide an exemption certificate prior to rental.


Delano Rental, Inc. reserves the right to add, change or discontinue any of all of the items on this web page at any time. We do not guarantee any item to look exactly as pictured in the photos or to perform any specific job. All prices are subject to change without notice

Serving West Minneapolis Suburbs, Delano MN, Watertown MN, Buffalo MN, Waconia MN, Independence MN, Plymouth MN, Montrose MN, Loretto MN,
Greenfield MN, Orono MN, Rockford MN, Minnetonka MN, Medina MN, Howard Lake MN, Cokato MN, Mound MN and surrounding communities

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